Since publishing Volume 1 of the Interactive ArchiCAD Practice Manual and the Individual ArchiCAD user Manual, and distributing in over 20 countries, I have been training companies, as well as offering office set-up advice to ArchiCAD users who have purchased my books.
I have sold and trained ArchiCAD in the Sub-Saharan region of South Africa almost 10 years ago, and worked in Interior Design and Architectural Practices using ArchiCAD both in South Africa and in the U.K, and have also trained Architects from the these countries, as well as from the USA, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Kuwait and India, to name a few.
I enjoy training on ArchiCAD and love the social interaction, and have been blessed with having a network of international friends who remain a source of knowledge, and their technical support issues are what has resulted in this Interactive ArchiCAD Practice Manu.

Vaneshrie Sullivan


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